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Voguish photography

With years of experience and positive approach, we are confident you’ll love working with us.

Voguish photography is an all-round Photography Studio, based in Melbourne, offering Photography, Videography and Post Production Services.

We are all equipped to provide an extensive range of photographic services to bring your vision to life, from initial artistic input through to shooting the images, retouching and preparing print-ready files. Our creative skill, technical expertise and wide-ranging experiences allow us to fulfil complex photographic briefs, from the initial concept to the delivery of the final images.

As a versatile Studio, specialises in shooting bespoke projects, we are happy to offer our services both in the studio and in your local and international locations.

Voguish has been founded by Arastou Mirshahi (Alex). He has more than 20 years experiences in different kinds of photography from Theatre to nude art celebrate the human body to historical monuments and buildings around the world.

After working for several photographic agencies Arastou turned freelance and devotes his efforts full-time into his passion for photography.

Since then he has gone onto shoot for many leading global brands.

His work is known for a fresh lighting approach in all types of photography.

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